Problems Ordering Online

    Problems Processing Orders Online:


    If you are having problems processing your order, the problem most likely is in your browser or your operating system. Simply update your browser or empty your cache to rectify this problem.

    To empty your cache, in your browser simply select 'Tools' -> 'Internet Options' -> 'Delete Browsing History...' or 'Ctrl+Shift+Delete' and the same window should appear on the screen.


    PC and MAC users:


    We suggest using the following browsers for PC and MAC computers. To ensure you will not have any problems on our store, update your browser to the most current version. For MAC users you can use any of the browsers below, but Chrome is generally the best.


    Microsoft Explorer 8 and up
    *the store will not run properly on Explorer 7

     Firefox - auto updates
    Chrome - auto updates


    To check what browser version you are using, follow the link below:

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