Buying and Reselling

    First Majestic does not buy back silver. The majority of our silver production is sold through the open market to commercial buyers, and a small portion is sold to retail buyers through our online store. Therefore, First Majestic does not act as a bullion dealer but as a direct bullion seller only.


    The value of bullion is in its precious metal content and silver bullion is bought and sold for its weight. The price is gauged by the current silver spot price +/- a small premium. The size of the premium is normally dependent on market volatility and the reputation of the refinery and mint where the silver was processed. 


    In today's economic environment, many bullion dealers have joined the marketplace but only established and reputable dealers will recognize the .999 purity of First Majestic bullion. Non-reputable dealers or dealers with competing interests may offer a higher premium below the spot value for First Majestic bullion. All First Majestic bullion is refined at Republic Metals Corporation (RMC). After being refined at RMC, our silver medallions, ingots and bars are then produced at three mints in the USA. If you find our silver does not command the same buy-back price as other silver bullion products we recommend that you find an alternate bullion dealer.


    If you have any questions or require further assistance please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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